Outreach Social allows you to add your church logo so that it automatically gets published with your graphics. This is very beneficial in allowing viewers on social media to associate the graphics with your church brand. To upload your logo, just following these easy steps:

Watch Tutorial Video Here:

1. Check for Correct Formatting
The logo has to be a PNG with a translucent background and no larger than 150x150 pixels.

2. Make Sure you Have an Auto Post Scheduler Setup
You'll want to add your logo for every Auto Post Scheduler that you have setup. If you don't already have one setup, check out this article on how to setup an Auto Post Scheduler.****

3. If you have an Auto Post Scheduler setup, click on it
Once you're in the Auto Post Scheduler, click the "Choose File" and upload your logo.

4. Click the Update Posts Button
Once your logo has been added, click the update and regenerate button to publish the logo to any future graphics scheduled within that Auto Post Scheduler.

Important things to remember:
If your logo image is in the incorrect formatting, then it will show up as a solid grey box on your graphics
Once your logo has successfully been saved to your Auto Post Scheduler, we will automatically revert the color to either black or white. This helps it to stand out in front of the graphics.
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