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Getting started with Outreach Social

To get the most out of Outreach Social, you'll want to complete the following quick steps:

Connect your Facebook page
Setup your Auto Post Scheduler
View your Post Calendar

More of a visual learner?
Watch our bootcamp video for a more interactive experience:

One - Connecting your Facebook Page

Before starting, make sure any pop-up disablers are off, otherwise you won't be able to finish the setup process.

First, login to your account and go to "Social Profiles" and click "Connect" on the Facebook icon.

Then, click the black button in the pop up window that says "Connect to Facebook"

Next, login to your Facebook account.
You will need to be an Admin on your church page, and you'll need to login to your personal account.

Next, click "Edit Settings". It will take you to the Instagram page first, which you can skip for now by clicking "Next"

Search for your church's Facebook page on this list and check it, then click "Next". If it doesn't show up, you will need to ask that someone from your church make you an Admin on their page:

Make sure the permissions are selected to YES, then, click the blue "Okay" button to exit the window

Finish linking your Facebook page by clicking the black "Add Facebook Pages" button

**Two - Setting up your Auto Post Scheduler**

Go to your "Auto Post Scheduler" and click "Create Auto Post Schedule"

Create a name for your Auto Post Scheduler and select the days and times you would like it to post:

On the next step, you can see all of the most popular categories pre-selected for you to use. If you're happy with these categories, go ahead and click the "Next" button. Otherwise to revise your categories, click the "Advanced Picker" button.

Finally, check the box next to your Facebook account and click the "Submit" button

After that, you're all set!
Now you can go to your Post Calendar and see which posts are automatically scheduled

Updated on: 05/05/2022

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