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Add Audio Module

The Audio module lets you embed audio and an audio player directly into your website. You can upload music or podcasts, but we recommend using the Add Sermons Using Sermon Manager to upload your sermons.

To add an Audio Module, first enable the Visual Builder.

While in the Visual Builder, locate where you'd like to add the Audio Module. You'll need a Row (the teal element) and then within the Row click the gray "+" sign and select Audio.

In the Content Tab you'll find:
Text: This is where you can add the title of the audio, the Artist's name and the name of the album (if needed).
Audio: Upload your audio file here
Image: Add an image to go along with your audio or cover art of an album
Background: Add a background color or upload an image as a background.

In the Design tab of the Audio module, you can customize the text settings or customize how the audio player looks.

Click the teal checkbox to Save.

Updated on: 08/16/2018

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