To activate the Sermon Manager plugin, in your Dashboard select the Plugins tab and click activate. You will only need to do this once.

To upload your sermons, click the Sermons tab in your Dashboard, then Add New.

Uploading your Sermon
Add a title and any other relevant information. You don't need to fill out every field, but the date is required.
Upload your Sermon file. You can upload audio or video files of your sermons.
a. Upload MP3 audio files from a URL or from your media library
b. Upload video files directly from a link (Youtube, Vimeo, or a direct file) or from an embed code
You can also add additional resources like a PDF of the sermon notes or bulletin.

Categorize your Sermons
You can categorize your sermons by preacher, series, topics and books of the Bible. As you add new tags, most frequently used tags will appear in the "choose from the most used tags" option.

Add a Sermon Image
Set a featured sermon image by uploading an image. Square images work best.

Publish your Sermon
Click the blue Publish button to publish your sermon.

Customize Sermon Manager
The Sermon Manager Page will default to your website page labeled If this is not the name of your Sermon page (for example, your sermons are on the "messages" page) you can change this in the Sermons settings. Change the Archive Page Slug to change the default location of the sermon manager.

You can also customize what items are seen on the defulat (or Archive) page in the Settings page.

You can add the Sermons Manager plugin to any page by adding a Code module and using the shortcode [sermons].
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