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What are Modules?

Module: sit inside Rows and hold content elements like text, images, video, etc. Social Reach Websites comes preloaded with modules for you to choose from.

To add a module, click the gray plus (+) icon. You'll see this icon when you have an empty row, or below an existing module to add one below. This will open the list of modules you can choose from.

Insert Module

When you select a module, for example a text module, the module will be added and the module settings will open. Here is where you can customize the module by adding content like text, images, or video (Content tab) and updating the design of the module (Design tab). For more advanced settings, like custom CSS, you'll use the Advanced Tab.

Module Settings

When you're done customizing your module, be sure to Save the module by clicking the teal checkmark and then save the whole page by clikcing the purple circle with the three dots and SAVE.

Updated on: 05/22/2018

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