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Video - Add a Contact Us Form

Collect contact information from your website visitors with a Contact Form module.

The Contact form is a module preloaded into your website. Using the visual builder, add a new module by clicking the gray "plus" sign and then select Contact Form. Not sure where to start with the visual builder? Watch this video first.

To edit your form fields, click the gear icon next to each field. Click the gray plus sign to Add New Field.

Customize how your form looks in the Contact Form Settings

Under Text
Title: set a Title for your form
Success Message: set a message that will show after a user submits the form
Submit Button Text: change the text for the button

Under Email
Set what email will recieve responses

Under Elements
Choose whether or not to display Captcha (helps limit spam responses)

Under Redirect
Choose wheter or not to redirect users to a certain page after submission

Background: Choose how the background of your form looks

Watch this video to learn how to receive your form responses in your email

Customize how your form looks in the Design tab of the Contact Form Settings

Click the teal checkmark to save your changes to the form and then the purple circle with the three dots inside and the teal SAVE button to save.

Updated on: 02/14/2022

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