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Customize your Calendar

You can customize how your events calendar looks in your Dashboard.

Change what day the calendar starts on
In your Social Reach Websites Dashboard, click the Settings --> General --> Week Starts On and select which day you want your calendar to start on.
Calendar Days

Update General Event Settings
You can customize your calendar event settings in your Dashboard under Events---> Settings. Some useful settings to update are:
Number of events to show per page: Edit how many events appear per page in list, photo or map views.
Recurring event instances: Select this option if you only want the first instance of an event to show in list view (useful for Featured events lists).

Event Settings

Customize Calendar Colors
You can update the colors for your event calendar in the Theme Customizer. You can access the Theme Customizer from the Dashboard under Appearance--> Customize or from the front end of your website by clicking Your Church Name in the black menu bar---> Theme Customizer.

In the Theme Customizer, select The Events Calendar to edit the theme for the calendar. You'll be able to preview changes before you click the Publish button.
General Theme
- Accent Color: Change link colors of event titles and read more links
- Featured Highlight Color: Change the background of featured events on your default Events page. Also changes the background color of Buy or RSVP Now buttons.
Global Elements
- Link Colors
- Filter Bar Color
- Button Color
Month/Week View (will override any changes made in Global or General for Month or Week views)
- Calendar Table Color
- Calendar Highlight Color

Change Calendar Colors

Updated on: 05/07/2018

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