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Create a new Page

To create a brand new page, start in your Dashboard. Click the Pages tab and then Add New.

Name your page in the "Enter title here" box. To edit your page, click the purple Use Visual Builder and then the blue Use Visual Builder. This will open the page in the builder.

You'll be greeted by three options when you first create a page:
Build From Scratch- start building with a blank canvas
Choose a Premade Layout- select one of the predesigned pages that come with your template. Click Your Saved Layouts to view the templated pages and select. Learn more here: Add Templated Pages
Clone Existing Page- make an exact copy of an existing page.

Using a premade layout or cloning an existing page lets you use the same formatting as previous pages to help build consistency across your website.

Once you've updated your content and designed the page as you'd like, click Save Draft to save the page as a draft or click the teal Publish button to publish the page.

To add your newly created page to your top nav, go to your Dashboard and select Appearances and then Menu. Learn more here: [Update Menu Structure Video]

Updated on: 08/17/2018

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