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Add a Text Module

A text module is like a text box. To add a Text Module, first enable the Visual Builder.

While in the Visual Builder, locate where you'd like to add the Text Module. You'll need a Row (the teal element) and then within the Row click the gray "+" sign and select Text.

Once you've added the Text Module, you can add your Text into the Content section of the Text Settings.

In the Content tab, you'll find:
Text: Add your content and edit exisitng content.
Background: Edit the backgrond of your text box by adding a color or image.

In the Design Tab, you'll find all of the Text module styling options. In the Content tab, select your Heading styles and then customize the Text in the Design tab.

For example, content set to the Paragraph style is customized in the Text section of the Design Tab. All Headings are customized in the Heading section and sorted by the Heading number.

Style your selected text by changing the font, color, size, alignment and more.

Tip! If you're having trouble identifying what Heading Level your content is, with the Text Settings module open hover over the text you'd like to edit and look for the blue paintbrush. Click the paintbrush and the builder will automatically open the Design settings for that content.

Updated on: 08/16/2018

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