Sometimes a Facebook account get disconnected from your Outreach account.
This can happen for several reasons:
Facebook password has changed
Admin was recently removed from your account
Facebook rolls out a recent update to user's pages

Luckily, it's easy to get your posts up and running again.
You'll just need to reconnect your page on your social schedule, like rebooting a computer.

Log in to here:
(This allows Facebook to know who you are when you sign in to Outreach Digital)
Log in to your Outreach Digital account here:
Next to your Facebook Page, click the "Connect" button

If none of the steps above work, try these steps:
Delete your Facebook page and re-add it again
Check your Facebook setting/user roles to make sure you are still an Admin. If not, request the page owner to make you an Admin.
Make sure your permissions are set to allow Outreach to post to your Facebook page. To do this, go "Add Facebook page", and under "Edit Settings" make sure you've checked the box for the Facebook page you want to post to. Then, make sure all the permission sliders are selected to "Yes". (See image below)

Lastly, go to your calendar and "Add Post". Choose an image from the Library, and click the Facebook page you want to post to. Lastly, go to "Post At" and choose the "Post Now" option to test the Facebook connection. (See image below)

If you continue to have issues connecting your Facebook page, we're here to help!
Just fill out a support ticket by clicking the link below and we will help get you connected again:

Outreach Online Support Ticket:
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