To start getting automated daily posts from Outreach Social, just follow the steps below!

Login to your Outreach Digital account, and go to Auto Post Scheduler at
Click the "Create A New Auto Scheduler" button (see image below:

Next, choose the Time and Days you'd like us to post to (You can also add a logo at this point in the process)

Choose the categories you'd like us to post under. You can add or limit as many as you'd like. Categories include topics like Scriptural, Inspirational, Seasonal and more.

Next, click the "Connect To Facebook" button. This will prompt a seperate window to open, so make sure any pop-up window blockers are temporarily disabled, otherwise you won't be able to continue:

After that, click the "Edit Settings", choose the Facebook page you'd like us to post to, and make sure all the Permission Sliders are set to "Yes".

Lastly, click the "Connect" button next to your Facebook account and then finish the setup by clicking the "Finish & Get First Post" button

That's it!
After that, we will continue to post daily to your Facebook page for you, saving you tons of time!
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